Features that streamline events

Food and beverage is a crucial part of any event experience for attendees and a large profit centre for organizers. Fastrac’s digital, contactless event ticketing platform is fast and easy for attendees and lets venues deliver smoother, more profitable events.

Instant Ticket Purchasing

Attendees can purchase tickets instantly without waiting in line.
A seamless payment process means attendees will buy more drinks, more often – directly translating to more sales and profits.

Easy Group Ticket Purchasing & Sharing

Large groups can buy tickets in bulk and distribute them with ease. With instant purchasing, distribution and redemption, Fastrac helps groups spend less time organizing and more time redeeming.

Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

Create new profit by giving sponsors the opportunity to display their brand and message to attendees. Opportunities such as logo, ad and message placement within the buying and redemption experience is just the start.

Easy & Accurate Reconciliation

A robust web portal gives organizers a complete and instant view of purchases made throughout the event. Fastrac gives you: Instant access and analysis on purchases and redemptions made before, during and after events Purchaser information including time, item, price and amount Exportable data for record-keeping and additional analysis

Handle Any Type of Purchase

Beyond food and drink ticketing, Fastrac has the flexibility to handle nearly any type of purchase during an event. From coat check to live donations, Fastrac is as flexible as your venue.

Attendee Insights & Analytics

Get access to customer metrics like never before. Fastrac offers a full and comprehensive analysis platform that segments users through behaviour, spending patterns and more. With more data and better insights, start hosting more profitable events.

Features designed for venues:

Built-in fast and secure payment processing

Native iOS and Android attendee app

Apple Pay, Visa and Mastercard Support

Share/send tickets

Ticket carry-over for future venue events

Digital reporting on ticket sales and redemption

Easy-to-use mobile ticket scanning

Customized event listing pages

Technical expert support

Real-time data collection