Leave the lines behind with a cashless app solution

Streamline events, eliminate the need for tickets and go cashless!


“I was introduced to the Fastrac app a week prior to an event I attended. It was very streamlined, easy to use and allowed me to purchase tickets for beverages of my choice in advance. This app made enjoying the event from start to finish possible, which often isn’t the case. Waiting in line for tickets at arrival eats up so much social time, so Fastrac certainly eliminated the wait and added a much-needed convenience! It also made getting drinks from the bar much quicker due to the barcode scanning system and was very user-friendly to reload tickets when needed as the evening progressed. Looking forward to using it again in the future.”


Event Attendee and Bartender

“Fastrac is the future. Allowing guests to purchase their drink tickets in advance, and allowing them to share or redeem at their own pace enhances the guest experience. As an event organizer, the interface is easy and user-friendly. We will never use paper drink tickets again because Fastrac simplifies the process, tracks sales and allows guests to enjoy each event rather than standing in a line.”


Event Organizer

The Fastrac Difference

Fastrac is a digital, contactless event ticketing platform that is fast and easy for attendees and lets venues deliver smoother, more profitable events. The Fastrac platform works by delivering two key benefits to venues:

Increased profitability

Improved operational efficiencies

Increased Profitability

A fast and intuitive user experience allows users to purchase and share tickets quickly and easily; this leads to more sales and profits for the venue.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Built in partnership with large venues, we understand the features you need to streamline and add value to your process.