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One-Time Event

For individuals, organizations, or venues.

Unlimited tickets
Unlimited ticket types
One hour of event setup and staff training
On-site or virtual support during event

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Annual License

Venue – Annual License

For venues running multiple events throughout the year.

Unlimited events
Unlimited tickets
Unlimited ticket types
Four hours of venue and event setup and staff training
On-site or virtual support for up to 10 events

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“I was introduced to the Fastrac app a week prior to an event I attended. It was very streamlined, easy to use and allowed me to purchase tickets for beverages of my choice in advance. This app made enjoying the event from start to finish possible, which often isn’t the case. Waiting in line for tickets at arrival eats up so much social time, so Fastrac certainly eliminated the wait and added a much-needed convenience! It also made getting drinks from the bar much quicker due to the barcode scanning system and was very user-friendly to reload tickets when needed as the evening progressed. Looking forward to using it again in the future.”


Event Attendee and Bartender

“Fastrac is the future. Allowing guests to purchase their drink tickets in advance, and allowing them to share or redeem at their own pace enhances the guest experience. As an event organizer, the interface is easy and user-friendly. We will never use paper drink tickets again because Fastrac simplifies the process, tracks sales and allows guests to enjoy each event rather than standing in a line.”


Event Organizer

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get a quote from Fastrac?

    Please contact us and share some details about your upcoming event(s). Our business development team will work with you to determine your deployment requirements, timeline and budget. No single event is the same and we approach each event with care and attention to ensure a seamless deployment and guest experience.

  • Can I try Fastrac for free?

    Yes, our team wants each and every client to be exceptionally happy and comfortable Fastrac.  You can participate in our no-obligation free trial, contact our business development team to learn more.

  • What are the benefits of using Fastrac at your event?
    • Speeding up the lines with quick scanning technology
    • Gaining insights into  real-time spending flow
    • Greater understanding of who event attendees are what spending habits they have
    • Increased guest spend
    • More pleasurable guest experience
    • Real-time reconciliation with no errors
    • Collect event data
    • Improve guest experience
    • Less time spent queuing
    • Advertising opportunities
    • No additional hardware
    • Complete flexibility in ticketing options
    • Simple user experience
    • Cashless, contactless
  • Does Fastrac provide support?

    Yes, our team will train your team on our very simple technology.  Our experts are available before, during and after your event to answer any questions you might have.

  • Does Fastrac supply redemption devices?

    Fastrac will make recommendations on redemption devices to purchase or can supply redemption devices at cost depending on a venue’s needs and location.  Please contact our sales team at to review options for your venue.

  • What types of tickets does Fastrac support?
    • All events are unique, so there is no limit to they number or type of tickets offered
    • Event venues and planners have the ability to make unlimited changes
  • What is contactless and cashless payment and how does it work?

    Our cashless payment system operates with a credit card or apple pay whereby guests pre-purchase or real-time purchase digital event tickets on the app.  The app acts as a key to access a guest’s unique cashless account to pay for food, drinks and merchandise at the event without the direct use of cash or credit cards at vendor locations. Cashless payment technology dramatically reduces wait times, not having to fumble for cash or wait for credit card transactions to process.

    To make a purchase, guests open the Fastrac app select the ticket they would like to redeem and get the screen scanned.  The order amount will automatically be deducted from the guest’s account balance and recorded digitally in real-time in the system.

  • What are the benefits of cashless payment technology?

    A cashless payment solution offers several benefits to guests, vendors and event organizers including, but not limited to:

    • Extreme convenience for guests not having to hit the ATM or carry large amounts of cash on-site; Fastrac acts as their ‘digital wallet’
    • Faster transaction times and significantly reduced queues
    • Proven increase in event revenue by 15-30%
    • Minimized cash handling processes and elimination of counting tokens or paper vouchers
    • Puts event organizers in the driver’s seat, having complete control and transparency of all funds
    • Simple post-event vendor reconciliation
    • Wealth of customer sales data reported in
  • What does it mean for an event to go “fully cashless”?

    A ‘fully cashless’ event or festival means the only form of payment accepted on-site is using a cashless payment system to make direct purchases. No cash, debit card or credit card is accepted at vendor locations.

  • Why isn’t it recommended to use a hybrid model, allowing guests to make purchases using multiple payment methods?

    People have a tendency to use what they already know, such as cash, debit card or credit card. This slows down payment processing significantly, creating a bottleneck at bars and concession areas with unhappy guests, resulting in customer drop-offs. Vendors and event organizers also won’t experience the same lift in on-site revenue with mixed payment methods.

    Event messaging can also be confusing and muddled for guests and vendors with so many options made available.

    Event organizers have less control over funds and have to ramp up cash handling processes, creating more hassle for post-event reconciliation with vendors. Data capture of all transactions made on-site and customer data are also compromised and do not provide the full picture of an event.